Talk-Lab "Performing Media for the culture of Innovation" - Rome, 19 January 2011

Stati Generali dell'Innovazione actively participates in the Talk-Lab on "Performing Media for the culture of innovation" which takes place on 19 January at 5.30 pm inside the Laboratory Museum of the Mind (Parco del S.Maria della Pietà, Pad .6) as part of the EntrareFuori project. Writing stories in geographies. Urban experience actions for the relationship between Memory/Networks/Territory.

It is a study seminar that will start from the interactive communication formats that Urban Experience is promoting (for this reason it is advisable to participate in the Walk Show that introduces it, at 4 pm) to then be articulated in the comparison with the various stakeholders, protagonists of the different cultures of innovation.

A peculiarity of the Talk Lab is the use of various visual thinking solutions (with the tag cloud live via twitter #entrarefuori and on the wall, with wall writings) to make explicit the potential of connective creativity, favoring the dynamics of sharing and collaboration.

Here you can find a theoretical incipit of the Talk Lab:


The Talk Lab is the central moment of the EntrareFuori project. Writing stories in geographies. Urban experience actions for the relationship between Memory/Networks/Territory

Rome, Park of S. Maria della Pietà
18-20 January 2012

The event is organized with the support of Roma Capitale – Department of Cultural Policies and the Historic Center and the Lazio Region, in collaboration with the XIX Municipality of Roma Capitale and the Museum Laboratory of the Mind ASL ROMA E; in partnership with:Stati Generali dell'Innovazione, La Nuova Ecologia, ArtWireless/LaDante, IED-European Institute of Design in Rome.

Going outside was born from the affirmation of a psychiatric patient, it has become the motto of the Museum of the Mind and today we are relaunching it in a project of culture of innovation, to reflect on the paradox of those who, interned in a mental hospital, measured themselves against the outside world . Outside there was a world in which to integrate: one entered a society that evolved by including. The actions of Urban Experience in the park of Santa Maria della Pietà, the former asylum of Rome, will make it possible to enter the memory of that separate world, emblem of the otherness and evolution of a society that can interpret differences as a resource.

These itineraries will be characterized by performing media: walk shows, radio-guided walks to enhance the territory through new media, exploring a public space using smartphones.

The guiding voices (including that of Carlo Infante, coordinator of the project, Silvio Panini of the Koinè theater company and Marco Salustri of the Museum-Laboratory of the Mind) will conduct a radio game which will deal with the memory of the Santa Maria della Pietà, its genius loci. There will be no show but the show of the city will emerge, creating the perceptive conditions to detect the qualities of the places.

The actions will start from the atrium of the central building where the geoblog will be projected with the emotional journeys in the territory of the XIX Municipality, some videotags included in that map, radio-guided theatrical tastings (edited by Koinè with honey, pecorino and wine) and the Tag Cloud Live to view relevant project keywords taken from twitter. Here instructions will be given for the playful-participatory use of exploration and radio headsets will be handed out through which you can immerse yourself in listening to the walk show that will cross the park.

The route will be littered with mobtags (to be used with smartphones), through which soundscapes and video clips will be collected, including those made by students of the IED in Rome for a thesis on emotional journeys in the Santa Maria della Pietà. Among the linked repertoires there will also be very short extracts from Ascanio Celestini's film "La Pecora Nera", set and shot right at the Santa Maria della Pietà, evoking the memory of a psychiatric hospital closed in 1999, after five centuries of coercion. The final stage will be at the Museum of the Mind, an extraordinary example of a multimedia exhibition on the theme of psychic alterity and the memory of the former asylum, designed by Studio Azzurro and awarded by ICOM as the most innovative museum of the year 2010 in Italy.

For (free) participation in the walk shows (18, 19 and 20 January at 4 pm) booking on the social network is strongly recommended

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