Towards the States General of Innovation – Bari, 25 October 2011

The final program of the event to be held in is published below Bari The October 25, 2011, organized in collaboration with – Italian Association for Open Government, Circle of Telematic Jurists, CISG, JUL BariCreative Puglia and sponsorship of theDepartment of Youth Policies, Social Citizenship and Program Implementation from the Puglia region.

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Towards the States General of Innovation

Bari, 25 October 2011

Cineporto c/o Fiera del Levante

Seafront Starita – Bari

First session – 9.30/11.30

Panel discussion:


Open source, free software and open formats for public data:
experiences, critical issues, perspectives.


They talk about it:


Nicola Fratoianni – Councilor for Innovation - Puglia Region
David Pellegrino Innovation Service Manager - Puglia Region
Marco Curci – IT Division Director – Innovapuglia
Giuseppe Santo Barile JUL Bari
Joseph Nicosia – Circle of Telematic Jurists Gur@work


In skype connection – Flavia Marzano – States General of Innovation


Moderate: Morena Ragone


Second session – 11.30/13.00

Panel discussion:


The rights of citizens and businesses in the Administration Code


They talk about it:


Ernesto Belisarius – Circle of Telematic Jurists
Andrea Lisi – ANORC – National Association for Operators and Responsible for the Substitutive Conservation
Morena Ragone – Creative Puglia
Giovanna Brunetti – CSIG Bari


Moderate: Ennio Del Turco CSIG Bari



Suspension of works



Third session – 3.00pm/4.30pm

Presentation of the States General of Innovation
Rome, 25-26 November 2011


Fourth Session – 16.30/18.00


Final round table:


Thinking about innovation, realizing innovation: from words to deeds,
open ideas and problems


They talk about it:


Nello Iacono – States General of Innovation
Annabella Degennaro – Innovation Councilor - Municipality of Bari
Hebe War – Center for Studies in Entertainment Law
Hannibal D'Elia – Boiling Spirits – Puglia Region


By skype link: Riccardo Luna – Wikitalia


Moderator: Adriana Augenti – CSIG Bari
Creative Puglia


Discussion follows

For registration:

To follow on twitter: #SGIBari
Organized in collaboration with: – Italian Association for Open Government
Circle of Telematic Jurists
JUL Bari
Creative Puglia
States General of Innovation








With the patronage of the Department of Youth Policies, Social Citizenship
and Implementation of the Program of the Puglia Region

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