Smart City or Smart Citizens?

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us“: it is we who shape our buildings, but it is the buildings that then shape our life and our culture. Man shapes cities, which in turn shape man.

This quote isn't mine, it's from Winston Churchill and I got it from quite a whilearticle by Luca De Biase on smart cities. On April 5 in Venice at the Science and Technology Park Vega Luca De Biase reiterated these concepts in a master class, organized by Luigi di Prinzio dello IUAV, on the topic: smart cities. Innovation, technology and the social dimension.

The introduction by the president of Vega, Michele Vianello (read article) with whom De Biase opened a discussion.

But what is one smart cities Therefore? there is a lot of talk about it, perhaps too much, at the moment. There are several initiatives that fund R&D such as i calls PON oriented towards socio-environmental issues such as mobility, safety, education, energy or environmental saving even if with some doubts as highlighted by Pietro Blu Giandonato (read article) .

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