Save-the-date: Smart cities and participatory reconstruction of L'Aquila – 6 June

Smart cities and participatory reconstruction of L'Aquila – 6 June – 14,30-18,30- Volunteer House – via Saragat – L'Aquila 

A meeting organized by the City Assembly in collaboration with the General States of Innovation Association, with the participation of representatives of institutions, associations, businesses and the university world.

Attempting to plan the reconstruction in the city of L'Aquila, today, means considering beyond the earthquake damage, the total destruction of the historic center, also the problems deriving from an inattentive management of the post-earthquake which has increased the living space tenfold, creating new logistical problems for which solutions must be sought.

Hence the need to address the discourse in an elementary, simple but broadest possible way by asking ourselves which roads are actually practicable today in L'Aquila, for the social and material reconstruction: new methods and advanced technology sustainable by a city, and by a population , by citizens in transition, which do not create further unemployment.

In a context of general crisis which can only be overcome by raising and taking on new challenges.

Not yet another conference, but an attempt to take a step forward. Together.

In the next few days the detailed program.

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