Let's continue our journey, the conference was only the beginning, a good start

After the conference of 25 and 26 November, the initiative of the States General of Innovation it is a reality that those who govern must deal with and, at the same time, a great resource for all the forces that want to bring about real change in our country's innovation policies. But the conference was only the beginning, what are the next steps of our roadmap?

The lines of activity that we propose to follow, simplifying, are of five types:

  1. establish a non-occasional channel of confrontation with government forces and institutions. A first step in this direction: we have prepared the “package against the digital spread” and we sent it to the competent ministers and other key representatives of the institutions, concrete proposals to be made operational immediately and for which the association makes itself available to the government and institutions.
  2. Activate a permanent table for discussion and support for mediation and concertation on strategies and policies for the development of innovation in Italy for stakeholders of national importance. For this we have defined the Permanent Council of the States General of Innovation, we are collecting adhesions from those who are external to the association (institutions, political forces) and we will soon be able to formalize it and activate it on the main and most urgent issues;
  3. Continue the “roadmap of Italy that innovates“, bringing the comparison of the General States of Innovation throughout the Italian territory, both in the context of already defined events and by promoting moments of meeting focused on themes considered relevant for the specific territory and which are concrete moments of new planning. We are preparing a events calendar starting from the proposals received so far (being defined: Bologna, Perugia, L'Aquila, Genoa, Potenza, ...) and we continue to solicit the proposals of the members.
  4. continue withdeepening of the themes which we have positioned on the "four cardinal points" of our proposal, with the aim of defining, starting from the lines of intervention, operational actions that can be launched and tested in the meetings/events of our roadmap. On this site you will now also find a wiki for further study of the topics. Join the working group forums and participate! In the meantime, we are organizing a new moment of collective discussion of the working groups on the occasion of the premiere Shareholders' Meeting, presumably in early February;
  5. Start, for the themes that we have identified, the collection of good practices to be shared and used, also with the aim of relating concrete initiatives to those who are innovating and with good results. Start sending us the ones you consider significant, we will soon structure a space on the site.

But to do all this (and much more) the association needs those who participate to join and also contribute financially to the initiatives that we are planning and launching together. Joining is important. We have exceeded 100 members of organizations of various types (associations, small businesses, foundations) and the conference of 25 and 26 November demonstrated the great wealth of experiences and ideas that constitute the great heritage of this initiative. If we also have the adequate means, we will be able to give you the strength to achieve what we have set out to do: the effective change of innovation policies of our country.


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