For innovation to be at the center of the political agenda. Over eighty candidates adhere to the Charter of Intent for Innovation.

It is the beginning of a new path: on 4 February, at the headquarters of the CNR, civil society and candidates from all political areas met to share and discuss the Charter of Intent for the innovation of Italy. The initiative, promoted by the Association States General of Innovation, in collaboration with the CNR, has focused attention onInnovation agenda for the future of Italy, as well as an indication of the programmatic priorities for innovation policies.

It had never happened before in an electoral campaign that a proposal, such as that of recognizing digital innovation as the strategic asset for the country, outlined such a broad and qualified adhesion by politicians.

In fact, at the moment more than eighty candidates (the list is in progress) to political and administrative elections, including lead candidates and candidates for governor. Everyone's commitment is to support the programmatic priorities of the Charter.

The operation left its mark on social media, so much so that the hashtag #sginnovazione was regularly in the Twitter Trend Topics for the entire duration of the event.

The Conference "Better late than never. The Innovation Agenda for the future of Italy” it was opened by a round table on the analysis of the state of the Digital Agenda which was attended by: Rino Falcone (director of ISTC-CNR, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies), Dino Bortolotto (President of Assoprovider); Antonello Busetto (Director of Assinform); Carlo Flamment (President Formez); Antonella Galdi (Head of Innovation, ANCI); Domenico Laforenza (Director of IIT-CNR, Institute of Informatics and Telematics); Giovanni Menduni (Programming Area Coordinator, Sustainability, Innovation Municipality of Florence); Antonio Naddeo (Head of the Public Function Department, MiPA); Agostino Ragosa (Director of the Agency for Digital Italy); Edoardo Zanchini (Vice-President of Legambiente).

The next steps envisage, on the one hand, the deepening of the programmatic points in actual legislative initiatives and concrete projects, on the other, the launch, immediately after the elections, of a process of systematic discussion and collaboration between parliamentarians and civil society on the various proposals with the periodic meetings of the Permanent Consultation of Innovation.

Much still needs to be done. But today we can be more optimistic. Let's start from Charter of intent for innovation of Italy.


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