October 2012 Newsletter

Editorial "Let's improve the Digital Agenda"

After the approval of the Growth 2.0 decree by the Council of Ministers, we are still awaiting its publication in the Official Gazette and therefore the definitive text. The Growth 2.0 decree included the provisions on the subject of the Digital Agenda that had been announced as part of the "Digitalia decree", an organic decree focused on the issues developed by the working groups of the Digital Agenda Control Room. Based on an overall strategy, divided into short and medium-term plans. It was not so.
This basic, strategic lack has been underlined from many quarters. For example, in articles from online magazines by ForumPA and egovnews.
This now becomes the moment for the proposal and possible parliamentary amendments: there are issues that require profound integration (such as that relating to digital literacy) and there will be no other opportunities before the end of the legislature. Thus, we will be launching a collaborative amendment writing process on our wiki in the coming days, in view of the second meeting of the Permanent Consultation of Innovation, which we are setting for October 23rd at 2 pm, in Rome.

September was the month of the Association's Assembly, in the splendid headquarters of the CEUB in Bertinoro [photo], with an engaging talk show hosted by Carlo Massarini, a brainstorming coordinated by the EU Commission on the 2050 Digital Agenda, and the organ renewal.
Always in September, we promoted the Roma Smart City project, an ambitious initiative that aims to aggregate and compare the initiatives underway on this front, the experiences already achieved over the years, and thus connect the main stakeholders of the metropolitan city (associations - social, cultural, professional, entrepreneurial , professionals, schools, universities, research centres, companies), leading them to share an approach, a working method and participatory planning.

Current activities

  • second meeting of the Permanent Consultation of Innovation
  • collaborative writing of the works for the second eBook  (now in the consolidation phase);
  • the preparation of proposals to be discussed at scheduled events and the use of the wiki for the consolidation and enrichment of the results of the events held (https://www.statigeneralinnovazione.it/wiki).

Events calendar

  • Milan, 15 October, Communicating in the feminine. Women between research and innovation
  • Genoa, 16 October, seminar on ICT and Over 50 within the European framework E-NLL;
  • Genoa, 17 October, G:ood 2012 – “the g-ood days”
  • Rome, 23 October, second meeting of the Permanent Consultation of Innovation;
  • Milan, October 25, Open Source Conference
  • Bologna, 29-31 October, as part of the Smart City Exhibition event;
  • Rome, October 31, as part of the Open the box event.
  • Rome, November 14-15, Omat
  • Milan, November 23, Workshop "The Courage to Innovate"
  • Rome, November 30, Cleanweb Hackathon
  • Turin, 13, 14 and 15 December, in collaboration with CSI Piemonte, national event of the association General States of Innovation

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