March 2012 Newsletter – Put the country's future on the agenda

Newsletter of 07 March 2012


With this newsletters we want to improve communication within the association and towards the reference community, but above all we want to solicit participation in the various activities started. Send us your proposal! Here are some channels through which you can contact us:

For the 2012 the association's commitment is focused on two main fronts: consolidating and deepening strategic proposals for the development of innovation and the Italian digital agenda; to connect actors and experiences that have already started in the area, making a contribution to the growth of good innovation practices. The newsletter aims to support discussion and sharing around the activities that we will launch on these objectives.

The value of this newsletter will therefore be closely linked to the contributions that we all want to provide, to put them in common, with reports, ideas and proposals.

Current activities

  • the first meeting of the Permanent Consultation of Innovationgo to the article
  • the first eBook of the Garamond-SGI series (go to the article) entitled "Put the future of the country on the agenda" and the start of work on the second eBook
  • the preparation of proposals to be discussed in the scheduled events - collaborates in the works of "Genoa for Digital Innovation, an open smart city"

Events calendar

  • Rome, 16 March, Meeting of the Permanent Consultation on Innovation
  • Genoa, March 23, Conference "Genoa for Digital Innovation, an open smart city" (go to the page), in collaboration with the Municipality of Genoa, Genoa Smart City, Selex Elsag
  • The Eagle, March, Conference "Intelligent Cities and Participatory Reconstruction of L'Aquila", in collaboration with the City Assembly
  • Polvese Island, 19-20 April, as part of the "Open Opportunity Meeting 2012", in collaboration with Open Opportunity
  • Florence, 26 April, within the framework of the Conference "CNA NeXT Toscana 2012", in collaboration with CNA
  • Rome, May, as part of ForumPA, on IT procurement in the PA
  • Caserta, May 24 in planning stage
  • Milan, May-in planning
  • Ancona, 21-23 June participation in ConfSL2012
  • Pisa, 4-7 October, currently being programmed, as part of the Internet Festival
  • Rome, October, in planning stage
  • Turin, November 23-24, in planning stage.

Topics under discussion

  • First meeting of the Consulta: request for proposals for the topics on the agenda - go to comments
  • Open Government Data in Italy: it's time to act – go to comments
  • Democratizing data to break down the “data divide” – go to comments
  • A framework for discussing Spatial Data Infrastructures – go to comments
  • Apple boom: in the last year what has been done in 28 years. Is Microsoft shaking? – go to comments
  • Proposals to amend the simplifications decree - go to comments
  • Reluctance towards technology: a real cancer – go to comments
  • The lesson of Steve Jobs: an Italian reflection – go to comments
  • Participate in the first ebook of the Garamond-SGI series "Change model" - go to comments

Our Innovating partners

  • 05/03/2012 – Start the Permanent Consultation for Innovation, Unitag – insert the Unit>>
  • 19/02/2012 – Open data: sharing public administration data, the Unit>>
  • 18/02/2012 – Geek-democracy: what Italian women expect from the European Digital Agenda and from 2.0 politics – speech by Flavia Marzano, Spreakers>>
  • 09/02/2012 – May sacrifices be of use: let's liberalize the future, the government will open up to innovation, Tiscali: opinions>>
  • 08/02/2012 – Digital agenda: here are the 15 proposals of the Ict associations, Courier of Communications>>
  • 06/02/2012 – New life from free software to digital PA, Courier of Communications>>

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