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Hearing at the control and consultation booth: signs of a participatory process

In the April newsletter we hoped that the acknowledgment from Mario Calderini on the importance of the Consulta Permanente dell'Innovazione and the Association as a relevant stakeholder for the elaboration process of the Digital Agenda would be supported by facts. And a first fact we can say that has materialized, with the participation of the Association in the hearing organized by the "E-government and open data" working group of the Control Room. Audition which turned out to be not a simple act of listening, but a first moment of effective participation (
Another fact will materialize shortly, with the next council meeting, tentatively set for June 5 (note the date, the participation it's important!), which we are trying to organize for an entire day and segmented by topics, in order to allow the involvement of the various members of the working groups of the Control room, a wider one participation and a greater chance of intervention compared to the first meeting. Immediately after Forum PA, and following the round tables envisaged there on the Digital Agenda, we will open discussion forums on our website, in order to better prepare the meeting of the Consulta.

This month's budget records the presentation to the Senate of our 
first eBook "Let's put the future of the country on the agenda" (, participation in the event ”Open Opportunity Meeting 2012” ( or and at the Conference “CNA NeXT Tuscany 2012” ( or Events that continue to characterize us on the double national-local dimension and that allow us to continue in the closely related activities of elaborating proposals and comparing them on the territory.

The month of April also brought with it the news of the suspension of the route AGCOM for the implementation of the regulation, which is a important result achieved also thanks to the commitment of ours and other associations. So, once again, determination pays off and, for those who set themselves ambitious goals, like all of us, this is essential.

Current activities

  • Changing Model, "Put the future of the country on the agenda", the proposals of the States General to the ForumPA, May 16 ( or;
  • there second meeting of the Permanent Consultation of Innovation, which we are organizing for June 5th;
  • the collaborative editing of the works for the second eBook (we are starting
    the "call for participation" for drafting the first draft);
  • the organization of first Assembly of the Association, scheduled for the month of September, in the Marches, and which we plan to structure in an engaging and "creative" way (in a few weeks we will be able to communicate a complete hypothesis);
  • the preparation of proposals to be discussed in the events scheduled and
  • the use of wiki for the consolidation and enrichment of the results of the events held (access the wiki).

Events calendar

  • Rome, May 16-19, in the framework of ForumPA (accredited)
    • May 17th at 3 pm – participation in the event “Eco-City: inspirations for a sustainable city” (
  • Caserta, May 24, in collaboration with the Second University of
  • The Eagle, 6 June, Conference “Intelligent Cities and participatory reconstruction de
    L'Aquila”, in collaboration with the Town Assembly;
  • Milan, 7 June, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano;
  • Ancona, 21-23 June participation in ConfSL2012;
  • Bologna, 2 July, “Digital rights and open data: the foundations for forging the City e
    Smart communities”, in collaboration with the Emilia Romagna Region;
  • Brands, September, Assembly of the Association;
  • Pisa, 4-7 October, currently being programmed, as part of the Internet Festival;
  • Rome, October, currently being planned, on the themes of the education system e
    of digital inclusion;
  • Turin, 23-24 November, in collaboration with CSI Piemonte, national event
    of the General States of Innovation association.

Topics under discussion

  • A comment on the upcoming PD conference on schoolgo to comments
  • The proposals of the ebook "Put the future of the country on the agenda" in the Italian Digital Agenda - go to comments
  • The future of work, the reform to come and the Italian Digital Agenda go to comments
  • Adhesion of the General States of Innovation to SiamoTrasparenza.itgo to comments
  • First meeting of the Consulta: request for proposals for the topics on the agendago to comments
  • Open Government Data in Italy: it's time to actgo to comments
  • The democratization of data to break down the "data divide"go to comments
  • A warp to discuss Spatial Data Infrastructuresgo to comments
  • Apple boom: in the last year what has been done in 28 years. Is Microsoft shaking?go to comments
  • Proposals to amend the simplification decreego to comments
  • Reluctance towards technology: a real cancergo to comments
  • Steve Jobs' lesson: an Italian reflectiongo to comments

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