April 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter of April 11, 2012


With the first meeting of the Permanent Consultation of Innovation (http://goo.gl/KCXdg) of 16 March, the association took an important step in building a permanent connection network between all the innovation stakeholders, which is also one of the main elements of its "mission". Now we have to ensure that, thanks to this discussion table, the definition of the Italian Digital Agenda is more effective and richer. This is the contribution we have offered to the government through Mario Calderini, the adviser to Minister Profumo, who held the role of chairperson of the Consulta. An important first step, which coincides with the publication of the first eBook of the series "Let's change the model" (http://goo.gl/2K9vh), which is a synthesis of the work of recent months and which we think could represent an organic basis of contributions for the Digital Agenda and also for future initiatives.

One of these, held at Genoa (http://goo.gl/Tohzf) on March 23, testified once again how our country is rich and vital and how the method of integrating skills and interests is the most effective. The one that gives greater guarantees of success. The one to apply.

Unfortunately, the month of March saw the issue of network regulation and copyright by theAGCOM. We have stated several times that this is a matter that cannot fail to fall within the tasks of the government "control room" and integrate with the policies of the Italian Digital Agenda.

The time in which the Authorities could think of acting outside of strictly technical tasks is over, but in order for it not to return, the new appointments, now imminent, must be made with the method of maximum transparency. For this reason, the association has decided to join the coalition which has launched the“We want transparency” initiative (http://goo.gl/LaT80). Because reforms are carried out starting from the method and the rules.

Current activities

  • the second meeting of the Permanent Consultation of Innovation, which we plan to arrange at the end of the second quarter
  • the spread of the former eBook of the Garamond-SGI series (http://goo.gl/2K9vh) entitled "Put the future of the country on the agenda" (which will be previewed in the Senate on April 19) and the collaborative drafting of the works for the second eBook
  • the organization of the first Assembly of the Associationscheduled for the month of September;
  • the preparation of proposals to be discussed at scheduled events and theuse of the wiki for the consolidation and enrichment of the results of the events held (access the wiki)

Events calendar

  • Polvese Island, 19-20 April, as part of the "Open Opportunity Meeting 2012", in collaboration with Open Opportunity;
  • Florence, 26 April, within the framework of the Conference “CNA NeXT Toscana 2012”, in collaboration with CNA;
  • Rome, 16-19 May, within ForumPA, on IT procurement in the PA
  • Caserta, May 24 in planning stage
  • Milan, June 7, in planning stage;
  • The Eagle, June, Conference "Intelligent Cities and Participatory Reconstruction of L'Aquila", in collaboration with the City Assembly;
  • Ancona, 21-23 June participation in ConfSL2012
  • Brands, September, Assembly of the Association
  • Pisa, 4-7 October, currently being programmed, as part of the Internet Festival;
  • Rome, October, in planning stage;
  • Turin, November 23-24, in planning stage.

Topics under discussion

  • Rome, 16 March 2012: first meeting of the Consulta. Request for proposals for the topics on the agenda – go to the article
  • Making Government work like the Internet – go to the article
  • What goals for the Monti government – go to the article
  • Make(a futu)r(e)s! – go to the article
  • Flavia Marzano, President of SGI, among the members of the Innovation Advisory Board for Expo Milano 2015 – go to the article
  • Representation of the European Commission in the SGI Consulta – go to the article
  • SGI: Tomorrow, March 16, 2012, the first meeting of the Consulta. Here are the speeches – go to the article
  • Launch of the Permanent Consultation of Innovation – go to the article
  • The video interviews of the participants in the Consulta of the States General -go to the article
  • Genoa, 23 March 2012: Together for the Innovation of the Country – go to the article
  • Pisa, 14 April 2012, ISF National Assembly “Equo e digitale”. We are here too – go to the article
  • Presentation of the Open Transport theme by Dino Bortolotto, president of Assoprovider – go to the article
  • Adhesion of the States General of Innovation to SiamoTrasparenza.it –go to the article
  • States General stops at Open Opportunity – go to the article
  • Put the future of the country on the agenda, the first e-book by the States General - go to the article
  • Smart Disclosure, i.e. opening citizens' data to citizens – go to the article
  • Smart Cities Workshop – Open Data: Support development through the Local Digital Agenda – go to the article
  • “Smart Cities and Communities” for a few, not for everyone? – go to the article
  • Performing Media! Educational and participatory experiences for interactive citizenship - Turin, 14/15 April 2012 - go to the article

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