In Milan on 22 July, an appointment with the Opengeodata School at the Campus Party

Campus Party

The Campus Party, the largest technological experience in the world, will take place in Milan from 20 to 23 July. A festival of innovation and creativity where talents, institutions, companies, universities and communities work together to change the world.

As a partner of the Italian event, the community of # let's map for this occasion it will have a dedicated space in the Arena.

With the occasion on Saturday 22 July at 11.00 our partner Bertalan Ivàn will present the project "OpenGeoData School” in the workshop entitled: “Digital skills for the promotion of the territory”. Here the agenda of the workshops.

Anyone wishing to participate in the CPHack hackathon will be able to join the #mappiamo team and build the travel agency of the future.

For further information on the initiative, we refer you to site of the event ea this video.

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