Put innovation on the agenda!

What about innovation? Innovation is the lever on which to invest to get out of the crisis.

Repubblica launches an Agenda for Italy and forget about innovation, the spark that moves new energy. Because innovation is a transversal resource, which combines several steps forward and transforms them into work efficiency, new jobs, new services and entrepreneurial activities.

We are not the only ones to say this, nor are we the first. It doesn't happen in Italy, where there is innovation, but there is no overall strategy of the country system.

We often talk about missed trains and missed opportunities. What if it's also inattention? Of politics as of information.

States General for Innovation believes that it is necessary to unleash innovation and that young people's creativity, recognition of merit, digital democracy and Open Government are the best growth opportunities for our country.

To free innovation, we believe that the different realities that are protagonists in social, industrial, administrative and cultural innovation must work at the forefront to trace the necessary path for the transformation of our country (read our proposal).

The priority topics for us are:

Censis, in its 2011 Report, tells how half of the country is beyond the threshold of the digital divide. Of course there are more men than women, younger than older, more professional than not. And while the Internet enjoys an excellent reputation as a source of news, and while the digital divide is diminishing at the expense of the increase in the press divide, the picture of the country always remains that of a divided country.

Innovation paves the way and paves the way for an n-lane Development Agenda. Stati Generali works to expand innovation in a country of narrow streets. Follow us, get to know us, build with us!

Put innovation on the agenda, November 25th and 26th in Rome!

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