The associations ask for transparency in AGCOM's appointments

Monday 21 May 2012 Stati Generali dell'Innovazione will participate in the public debate, at 4 pm in the conference room of the National Press Federation FNSI in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 349 Rome, on the transparency of AGCOM appointments.

The Personal Data Guarantor Authority and the Communications Guarantee Authority have expired. Renewing the positions of their members without transparency is a fact seriously harmful to democracy. These institutions deal with fundamental rights such as privacy, common goods such as radio frequencies, the market and free competition in the postal service as well as in radio and television.

Since the independence and competence of the personalities called upon to govern these institutions will influence the quality of democracy in our country in the years to come, the associations for freedom and pluralism of information, the citizens, are calling for a broad public debate to discuss the method and the merits of the relative candidatures.

Despite the online mobilisation, deaf to the numerous appeals coming from the world of politics and culture for public and transparent choices, the the main parliamentary groups want to vote for the members of Agcom as early as Wednesday 23 May in the Chamber without having declared to the country the criteria on the basis of which they have chosen their candidates.

The undersigned associations believe that it is not acceptable that the candidacies of the personalities called to govern these guarantee institutions are decided in the closed secret rooms and instead ask to apply criteria of transparency and meritocracy in their indication.

Making the request of the open Average Coalition to know the candidacies received so far and asking the parties to take a step back in the indication of the future members of the Authorities, the associations ask the President of the Council of Ministers, sen. Mario Monti, to overcome the old logic of partitions and restore to the country the necessary trust in these important institutions.


  1. Agora Digital – Luke Nicotra
  2. Arch Paul Beni
  3. Article 21 Beppe Giulietti
  4. Panharmonikon Orchestra Association – Giuseppe Puopolo
  5. Association Linux Club Italy – Roberto Tupone, Gianluca del Gobbo
  6. Institute For the Policies of Innovation Guido Scorza
  7. FNSI extension – Roberto Natale, Franco Siddi
  8. Free Hardware foundation – Arthur of Corinth
  9. Fazana group - Andrew
  10. Liber Liber – Marco Calvo

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