The best PA in Flavia Marzano's agenda

Flavia Marzano, president of the States General of Innovation, is a university professor and consultant on new technologies in the Public Administration. A "curious who likes human relationships (even online), who shares what she knows and tries to find out more, who doesn't like fundamentalism and jealousy". This is how she defines herself on one of the many occasions she was invited to speak about free software, Open Government, PA 2.0, Digital Agenda. And so it seemed to us too.

Put the country's future on the agenda” is an ebook written by 100 hands and aimed at collecting useful suggestions for defining a correct Italian innovation strategy. In this rich cookbook, what are the ingredients that were missing in the past and that today we can no longer afford to miss?

The first ingredient is the lack of strategy! For too many years, by too many governments, strategies have not been defined (long-term therefore and not six months-one year) for innovation in the country. For too many years we have continued to look at the finger pointing to the moon.

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