The Web? Disappeared from programs

None of the lists running for the elections has made the diffusion and freedom of the Internet one of its priorities. And where the question appears, there are only 'courtesy' hints (Monti) or old-fashioned ideas (M5S)

There is something that would save the state 19 billion in three years and 4.6 billion for families every year, yet it is neglected by the political programs of the parties that will present themselves in the next elections.

It is the Digital Agenda, that set of rules and measures that would allow Italy to become a country in line with Europe, in terms of business innovation, public administration and family habits.

In December, the Parliament converted the Growth 2.0 decree into law, the first brick for the Italian digital agenda, but the construction is still weak, incomplete and will require the strong support of the next government to be implemented. But if good morning starts in the morning, there is something to worry about: "the party programs are incomplete or, in the best cases, generic and not very up-to-date in terms of digital measures", says Giuseppe Iacono, founder of the association States General of Innovation.

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