Great success of #HackCulturaMolise2019 for the All Digital Week

Sala piena durante l'Hackcultura 2019 a Campobasso

We receive from our partner Marco Di Paolo and we gladly publish the report on #HackCultura19 – Molise, an initiative that represented SGI's contribution to the All Digital Week. We take this opportunity to thank both Marco and Giovanni Piscolla for the perfect organization of this complex event, which also saw the participation of the Secretary Paolo Russo on 28 March in Campobasso.

“From 25 to 29 March 2019, the #HackCultura19 – Molise initiative was held in Molise. The Molisana week of Hackathons for students for "Cultural Ownership", promoted by the Diculther Network School in synergy with the Regional School Directorate for Molise, within a wide range of initiatives which, the constituting DICULTHER REGIONAL POLO, which includes in addition to the Diculther School and the USR for Molise, also UNIMOL and the Department of Education and Professional Training of the Molise Region, has planned and planned, to enrich the teaching, educational and training offers, in order to enhance the local and national territory, in a logic of pursuing the skills of active citizenship and identity construction of the concept of "Beauty".

The event was developed over three distinct events, held in three school centres:

  • ISIS “MAJORANA FASCITELLI” of Isernia – 25-26/03/2019;
  • IISS “E. MAJORANA” of Termoli – 26-27/03/2019
  • IIS "PERTINI - COOK- MONTINI" of Campobasso - 28-29/03/2019

Within which mixed groups of pupils from different institutions and schools competed, faced with four challenges, to which they can respond in total autonomy of choice.

48 youngsters from ISIS “MAJORANA – FASCITELLI”, IIS “FERMI – MATTEI” and IIS “CUOCO – MANUPELLA” gathered at the Isernia campus, divided into 6 teams of 8 pupils.

56 young people from the IISS “E. MAJORANA ”, from the IIS “T. BOCCARDI”, from I. All-inclusive of Guglionesi, divided into 7 teams of 8 pupils.

As many as 95 youngsters from the IIS “PERTINI – CUOCO- MONTINI”, the ITST “G. MARCONI”, from the LSS “A. ROMITA”, divided into 10 teams of 10 and 9 pupils.

In total, 199 pupils and 9 secondary school institutes participated, out of a total of about 22 high schools, throughout the region.

There were 4 challenges to which the pupils responded and they were created by eminent bodies dedicated to research and the protection of cultural heritage:

  • CHALLENGE 1: Reuse of open digital content #imparaconEuropeana (ICCU – EUROPEANA)
  • CHALLENGE 3: Digital museum of Italian schools

CHALLENGE 3.1 Tell your school from an object (INDIRE)

CHALLENGE 3.2 Discover your school's heritage (ICCU)

  • CHALLENGE 4 : “Crowddreaming: young people co-create digital culture” - CHALLENGE Piazza Europa. (General States of Innovation)

The winning group on the Isernia pole chose challenge no. 1; the winning group on Termoli chose challenge n.4; the winning group on Campobasso chose the challenge n. 1.

Out of a total of 22 teams:

  • 8 teams chose challenge n. 1;
  • 4 teams chose challenge n. 3.1;
  • 3 teams chose challenge n. 3.2;
  • 8 teams chose challenge n. 4.

Furthermore, within the three events, an Instagram Contest was also held to choose the most representative image of the event and of the cultural heritage. In fact, the images can be viewed on the INSTAGRAM profile #hackcultura19molise.

The entire event, in addition to being made public through media and social media, also received great visibility within the ALL – DIGITAL – WEEK 25-29 MARCH 2019.”

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