Future of cities, quality of life, citizen participation

The concept of smart city begins to be defined, in a shared way, in the various reports, publications, conferences, projects, and is oriented towards an interdisciplinary vision of integration of urban and digital ecosystem aimed at improving the quality of life. However, the debate remains confined above all to insiders and takes place with the risk of assuming that the evolution is politically neutral
Converging on a shared definition of "smart city"
In recent months many efforts have been made to clarify and hinge thesmart city concept on clearly interdisciplinary axes e oriented towards the needs of citizens, understood as "city users". The equivalence between digital city and "intelligent city" is by now clearly pointed out as an extreme distortion and also the choice made by the control room for the Italian Digital Agenda to adopt the term "Intelligent Community" goes precisely in the sense of focus attention on the social aspect in which the vision, objectives and actions must be placed. Looking only at the last few weeks, among others, I point out four significant initiatives in this direction: ainterview with Salvatore Iaconesi, the exit of thelatest book by Andrea Granelli, The Ambrosetti report for ABB, the start of the "Rome Smart City" project.

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