Who we are – States General of Innovation in a nutshell


States General of Innovation (SGI) is a not-for-profit association established in 2011 with the goal of facilitating a shared perspective for innovation policies in Italy. It aims at:

  • representing a benchmark for anyone involved in “innovation” at large, beyond the different meaning one could attribute to the term – not necessarily technologically speaking, although the digital transformation is permeating substantially all sectors of our day to day living -, so as to promote synergistic approach of individual initiatives;
  • defining a “bottom up” path to organize on the territory policies for responsible innovation, through the use of e-collaboration, thematic meetings, seminars, …
  • elaborating, updating and promoting programs for innovation in the State governance.

In other words, SGI is deeply committed – in synergy with other associations, civil society representatives, political movements, institutions, etc. – to contribute to the improvement of Italian (and European) Institutions and socio-cultural development of our Countries.