The Association is well present across the main topics of the Digital Transformation Society. Those concern the areas of the e-competence framework (e-CF) in the school, university, public administration, local authorities, etc.; Open Government and Open Data; Digital infrastructures – ultrabroadband networks and services, 5G, infrastructure inventory mapping and geo-referenced services (“spatially enabled society”); training initiatives, development and enhancement of Cultural Heritage; etc. And in general (the guiding thread of all or almost all the development lines), Innovation and Responsible Development, with emphasis on the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, on which issues – crucial for the future of our Society.

In particular, SGI has been active on addressing issues related to ethics and social Responsibility in Innovation, with specific regard to protection of personal data and employment prospects in the Internet Economy – new jobs and related opportunities and issues.

On supporting dissemination activities of digital culture and innovation in schools, such as the SIDERA network (School, Innovation, Digital, Experience / Education, Network, Listening), the RED repository (Digital Educational Resources) of Cultural Heritage for the Digital Cultural Heritage ( DiCultHer) Arts & Humanities School, support for projects of work-school alternation, support for the design of PON MIUR Cultural Heritage, social hackathon, and more.

On managing committees and initiatives relevant to process innovation and responsible development, such as the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS), Open Government Partnership (OGP), Internet Governance Forum (IGF), Tiber Agenda, Rome Capital Innovation Forum, National User Forum of the Copernicus Program, UNINFO working groups for new professional profiles in the field of Geographic Information / Geomatics (Geographic Information Manager, Geographic Knowledge Enabler), support for activities of creation of related skills (Open Geo Data School).

On the communication side, in the sponsorships, patronage and participation to Conferences and Events – ASITA, AM/FM GIS Italia, CNR, EthosIT, Internet Governance Forum Italia, Salone della Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sapienza, … associated with the publication of contributions and articles on newsletters and technical magazines –, Aracne, CorCom, Law, Market and Technology, Forum PA, key4biz, Springer, TechEconomy, …