You have until March 31st to become a 2016 Member of the States General of Innovation.


it is again that moment of the year in which the Associazione Stati Generali dell'Innovazione invites you to continue together the adventure that we embarked on with some of you five years ago. The online membership form for the year 2016 is already available on the website and can be submitted until 31 March 2016. With this short message we want to remind you of the reasons that have always united us and inform you of some new reasons to confirm once again your participation as a member.

SGI will continue to work to increase the presence of innovation, inclusion, merit and young people as keywords on the agenda at all levels of Italian politics. We will continue to act as "meta-association” especially to allow small organizations and individual professionals to make their know-how and passion available in institutional contexts in which individually they would have difficulty making their voices heard. From this point of view, the past five years of hard and patient work allow us to boast an excellent reputation which constitutes an asset from which all the Members benefit. We will also continue to work happily together, sharing the pleasure of the contamination of ideas among many people with the most diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, but united by a healthy curiosity and an incurable optimism for the future. We will continue to work hard to consolidate the structure of the association: a lot has been done in the last two years to lay solid foundations after the "heroic” initial, but a lot still remains to be done if we want to continue growing.

Starting in 2016 we will push hard on three keywords: projects, proactivity And friendship.

The association's resources will be concentrated on a few projects well defined, with the active participation of a sufficient number of members. Some have already been identified by the Board of Directors and others will hopefully be proposed by the Members:

  1. Regulatory proposal on free software (Contact person: Flavia Marzano)
  2. Participation in the activities of the Digital Cultural Heritage, Arts & Humanities School – Competition for schools “Crowddreaming: young people co-create digital culture” (Referee: Paolo Russo)
  3. Consult (Referee: Nello Iacono)
  4. Participation in Digital Skills Coalition activities (Contact person: Nello Iacono)
  5. Project "Vineyard 2.0" (Referee: Sergio Farruggia)

Members will also be encouraged to "proactivity” in their approach to involvement in the life of the association. In addition to the usual cash membership fee, everyone will be asked to pay a small contribution in terms of time to help guarantee the processes essential for the optimal functioning of SGI. The assumption of this commitment will be a requirement for the presentation of one's candidacy to the Board of Directors or to the Executive Committee during the renewal of the offices during the Extraordinary Assembly of Spring 2016.

Last but not least, an impulse will be given to meeting and socializing activities even if not strictly linked to the social mission, recognizing friendship and the pleasure of being together both as values in themselves and as fundamental tools for a more effective action of the association.

To subscribe or renew your subscription, simply visit the page https://www.statigeneralinnovazione.it/plans/campagna-soci-2016/ and fill in the appropriate form. Members wishing to renew will simply have to log in with their existing account and proceed directly to payment without having to enter any data.

The President
Flavia Marzano

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