Changing the model to innovate: the proposals of the States General of Innovation

In the Nassiriyah Hall of the Senate, the first e-books to treatment of the association States generals of innovation, "You put in agenda The future of the Village", (, published with the publisher Garamond in the new series "We change model (

The e-book identifies the main features of the strategic program forAgenda digital Italian, also proposing a vision and a governance model, and suggesting some priorities: broadband as a universal service, culture of innovation and digital literacy programmes, common open data framework, smart community, new national industrial policy - “Italian Way of Doing Industry”.

The key points of the ebook, the result of the collaboration of more than fifty participants in the working groups promoted by the association, were presented by Flavia Marzano And Nello Iacono, respectively President and Vice-President of the Stati Generali Innovation association, Hugh Bonelli, expert and consultant for innovation in PA processes e Marco Bald, president Liber Liber and founding member of the States General of Innovation.

Senators took part in the meeting of the Democratic Party Vincent Life And Louis Vimercati, who have raised the interest of the parliamentarians of their group on the proposals contained in the e-book and affirmed the importance of a multi-stakeholder initiative such as that of the General States of Innovation, the president of the IDV group Happy Belisarius, who underlined how networking, the basic principle of the initiative, is even more important in a context in which divergent initiatives are often launched in the territories and the ICT manager of the Senate Mauro Fioreni.

To the association States ggeneralize them of innovation more than a hundred join associations, movements, companies And citizens, convinced That the best opportunity to growth they are offers from the creativity of the young, from the recognition of the merit, from digital inclusion, from the renovation of the State through the Open Government.

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