Appeal from ANORC

We receive from Andrea Lisi, President of ANORC, and we gladly publish.


Dear Friends, Dear Friends
I am writing to ask you to be involved in the front line to try to get through two proposals for UNI standards for the professionalism that I believe I have told you about many times: the document digitization professional and the privacy professional.
Unfortunately, the profession of archivists is waging a truly incredible corporate war against us even before I have read the proposed text… I am truly baffled. This should be a proactive and confrontational phase in UNI and instead we are attacked in a really specious and meaningless way...

We have done a meticulous job, in line with the legislation and trying to take into account the needs of the market and the PA, emphasizing the indispensable role of the archivist, but apparently we look elsewhere and in Italy partisan interests always prevail. You can find our ANORC press release at this link:

Inside you will find the instructions for voting (and attached the proposal in its entirety so that you can understand its organicity and quality).
I ask you and 3 things for these proposals:

1) First of all support them and comment them positively (the instructions can be found in the anorc link). The weight of your vote is very important. You must vote by July 2 and everyone can vote. The sooner you do it the better.

2) Forward the press release through your channels both internally and externally through your many contacts

3) Involve interested friends and acquaintances and get them to vote for it.

I know I'm abusing your patience, but I really believe in the goodness of this project and I've shared it with you since the beginning. I truly believe in it and in my opinion it is important for the digital future of our country to focus on new and less rigid skills compared to traditional professional barriers (which could in any case take advantage of them by specializing in these sectors). And, in my opinion, first of all, specializing computer scientists on documentary and privacy issues is essential.
I ask the other esteemed friends to do the same in copying this help e-mail communication.

Thank you very much. Andrew

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