"Internet access and network neutrality": the volume available free online

Ne neutrality

We are pleased to point out that the book “Access to the Internet and Net Neutrality”, edited by Guido D'Ippolito, shareholder of SGI and Maria Romana Allegri, has been available online free of charge for a few days.

We share with all the members of the States General of Innovation the thanks that Guido dedicated to our association in this important work of his.

The work collects the proceedings of the conference which took place on 31 March 2017 at the Coris – Department of Communication and Social Research – Sapienza from the #Wisdom University of Rome.
The topics presented are the basis of any reflection on the cyberspace, the immaterial dimension that the Internet halongside the traditional and material one, and on the juridical, economic and social phenomena that take place in it.
The issues of the right to access the Internet and the NetNeutrality they are treated by university professors, experts, professionals and Internet users according to an interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach.
Their contributions are thus placed as pieces of the great mosaic of the network.

With contributions from:
Maria Romana Allegri
Angelo Alu
Angelo Ananasso
Fulvio Ananasso (partner SGI extension)
Marco Bassini
Giovanna De Minico
Guido d'Ippolito
Alberto Maria Gambino
Innocent Genna
Paula Marsocci
Antonio Nicita
Paul Nuti
Marina Pietrangelo

Both the paper version is available, which can be purchased on the website of thepublisher Arachne, which version digital downloadable free at the following link: http://www.aracneeditrice.it/aracneweb/index.php/pubblicazione.html?item=9788825504170

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