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Free registrations are open for DIG.Eat 2016

11 May 2016 Milan (Banca Popolare di Milano Service Center conference room – via Massaua, 6)

The event of ANORC on digitization with a format (ironically inspired by Star Wars) that plays with the concept of intergalactic travel.
DIG.Eat 2016: Digital wars - the revenge of the bits, this is the title of the event that will be a journey to the edge of digital and the future that innovation draws for noi, under the guidance of skilled pilots (the moderators) who will coordinate the discussion of a crew made up of national experts, testimonials from companies in the demand and supply of digital services and the audience.
The 9th edition of DIG.Eat, created with the support of main sponsors SB Italia and Unimatica, it will be more business oriented, focused on the needs of companies operating in the digital sector and which are the backbone of the association's activity.
The journey will be divided into four journeys, four moments of discussion on important topics:
Apps and eCommerce – A new hope
Identities and Signatures – Attack of the Clones 
Compliance, Retention and Data Protection – The Phantom Menace
IT Contracts, Business Intelligence and Big Data – The Force Awakens
Each of these meetings will be divided into three stages: analysis of the scenario, in-depth analysis and solutions proposed by the market.
DIG.Eat is a constantly growing event, which in recent editions has recorded a great success with the public and supporters. The success of the event is a clear sign of how much digital innovation issues are no longer a matter for a few technicians and experts, but increasingly widespread processes for improving company management and strengthening business: hence the ironic choice of subtitle, an ideal movement of pride and revenge of bits, digital, and all innovative processes, against any conservative resistance, always provided that these processes are managed correctly and consciously, protecting privacy and data conservation data.
Participation in the event is free upon online registration.
The event is also undergoing accreditation by the main Professional Orders and will guarantee 4 training credits to members of the ANORC Professions Lists and 2 training credits to members of the Order of Lawyers.
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Sponsor of the event.
For more information: 0832/256065; communication@anorc.it

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